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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

While recovering from an assassination attempt four days before his coronation, a stern prince is replaced by a heartfelt lookalike.


A conspiracy is hatched to eliminate the prince, Vijay, days before his coronation is to take place, by his younger brother who eyes the throne, riches and power. A lookalike of the prince, Prem, steps in at this point, who loses his heart to the prince's beloved, Maithili.


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Damn, when will we ever learn? Well even before asking this, I knew the sad answer. I could not bear to watch more than half an hour of this worthless piece of s**t. The abundantly used & reused script, the all good pauper, the double role, the unnecessary songs, the out of sync pathetic & outdated soundtrack, the forced upon villains of the film & Salman's usual overacting were too much for me to handle. This whole movie is way too outdated and seems like a movie from the late 80's. The screenplay and the coincidental scenes of blossoming love between Salman (50 year Old) & Sonam (20 Years Younger) were irritatingly naive and dated. I beg to the film makers to grow up and stop testing our I.Q. already. Please have mercy on us. But then again, why would they ever stop! It's hard to believe but true that this movie has already done Box office collections nearing 200 Cr. as of yet (i.e. today : 17th Nov). 'Bhai's' Fan following from the masses in India surely encourages them to keep making these overrated pieces of junk repeatedly. I usually check the rating and make an educated guess after reading some reviews from IMDb website. But then again, the fans of these glorified actors have infiltrated deep within IMDb too and misleading gullible movie watchers to go ahead and watch these kind of movies. The wish that the censor board rate movies on I.Q. levels too. I guess I'll stick to my thought of staying away from Bollywood movies, cause while watching such crap, I tend to get frustrated and uneasy. Rest, this is my thinking on this, you take your own call. Caution : Proceed to theaters at your own risk!!!


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