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Two estranged, street-fighting brothers square off against each other in a mixed martial arts tournament.


The story of two estranged brothers comes to play in the rink. David Fernandes quits his job as a Physics teacher to become a full-time fighter. He is willing to do whatever it takes to save his ill daughter. Monty Fernandes creates a storm on the internet with just one video. Finally getting the chance to prove himself to the world, he trains vigorously. Two brothers, two fighters, and one ultimate fight.

User Reviews

The Karan Malhotra Directed Movie is a Brilliant Mixture of Emotions and Action. Akshay Kumar-Sidharth Malhotra's Flick has the ability to grip your mind for the whole 156 Minutes. Karan Malhotra has directed it Brilliantly and the Duo(Akshay-Sid) has executed marvelously. According to me, Everything in the movie is perfect. From the Love of David for Monty to the Hate Monty Develops for the Elder Brother. The Tournament R2F is a revolutionary idea in the field of Street Fighting. The Villains and goons of the street become the hero of the country. For Me, The Fights of Monty were the best parts of the movie. Like how he knocks out the champion with just one punch and the next fighter within the first round. The Attitude of Monty was perfect too. Like How he Quits the ring even before the decision of the referee. Also David proves to be the most cleverest fighter of the tournament. He defends himself in the first and second round and then attacks in the third round when the opponent is tired. The Love of Jenny for David and the Affection of David for her daughter was remarkable. The guilt of Gary Fernendez, the hate-and-then-love of David for His Father, the Item Number of Katrina Kaif, The Choice of Fighters, the inspiration of the two brothers, the upsets of the tournament and everything was perfect and I would recommend this Movie as a must watch for everyone. I guess this is another 100-cror movie from Sidharth Malhotra after Ek Villain.



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