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Tensions arise when the daughter of nation's best lawyer is kidnapped. Now she'll have to save a rapist from death sentence, as ransom, within 4 days.


Anuradha Verma is a prominent criminal lawyer and a single mother who has never lost a case. One day her daughter Sanaya is kidnapped and no ransom is demanded, but instead the kidnapper contacts her and tells her that she has to defend a convicted felon to get her daughter back. The felon is Miyaaz Shaikh who is convicted for rape and murder of a young woman and the case against him is set for judgement in four days. The kidnapper keeps track of Anuradha very closely to make sure she complies with his demand. With the pressure of time against her, Anuradha tries to get help from her suspended police friend Yohan who has been suspended from the police force for flaunting the rules and regulations too often. The case against Miyaaz Shaikh is handled by a renowned public prosecutor played by Atul Kulkarni who has been defeated by Anuradha and hence has a long time professional rivalry against her. How Anuradha races against time and saves her daughter by twisting the laws to win the ...

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Sharafat ki duniya ka ek sahi kadam, ab jesi duniya wese hum...With awesome come back of beauty queen Ashwariya as criminal lawyer Anuradha Verma, Irfan again proved that he is unbeatable with his character of a corrupt police inspector Yohan. I will must say they played these roles like no one can do it better. You can feel the real characters. Apart from them the senior guys did there job well. Movie has many layers and the awesome thing is that you don't have to wait to unfold any layer. It holds you so well in the end of first half that you can feel that why interval is so long? Movie is full of emotions, suspense and drama.

Advocate Anuradha took a case of a convicted felon who has charges of rape and murder of a girl to save her kidnapped daughter. She took help of his school friend suspended inspector Yohan to fight back. Screenplay was good and music made sense and with proper timings. Dialogues of Irfan Khan are additional flavors. Movie also showed the face of our judicial system where any big lawyer can save any criminal with there skills and power.

The movie is all about love and affection of mother child relation. It shows how a mother can cross all limits for her child. It also shows how bad a mother can be with this world when it comes to her own child. When you do not have trust in our system then you have to take your call for your child and this what story all about.

The story is remake of a Korean movie but Sanjay Gupta did a good job for the viewers. In the end it is a good watch. Ash and Irfan did not disappoint there fans. Bollywood movie fans will gonna love it.


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