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The Big Everything

Ejected 20,000 years away from their civilization by a black hole, 3 scientists, a pshychiatrist, and a mechanic, decide to explore the universe rather than go back to earth.


The "Glaz TN1" mission and its five crew members, travel 50 light years from earth to study a pillar of the universe: a black hole At close to the speed of light it is a 6 week round trip...But time has its own rules. When they return to earth, 100 years will have passed. 100 years in 6 weeks...that's relativity, that's the way it is. The crew psychiatrist helps the pilot and the 3 scientists on board to cope with this dual reality, with some success...until the incident. Ejected 10,000 light years into space by the black hole, 20,000 years away from their lives on earth and their cultures, they'll have to reconstruct themselves, all the while exploring a beautiful universe, ripe with colors, unlikely places...and perhaps, meaning.

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I saw it a couple weeks ago in Paris, and it was very cool. Far away from super heroes and their ego crisis, we have a real science-fiction movie, with beautiful space vistas. Anyone who appreciates those gorgeous NASA images will be fond of the visual effects work. Characters are quite funny too, and just... real. I love Niels, pilot of the ship and the hero of the movie. He has charisma, humor and just acts like we'd all do in the same situation. His friendship with Sam, the astrophysicist with a twist, is brilliant. It just works, characters are well defined and it's unexpectedly easy to identify with their incredible situation. We don't see that often. Scratch that, I can't remember when I felt that. Two thumbs up.


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