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San Andreas

In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey with his ex-wife across the state in order to rescue his daughter.


In San Andreas, California is experiencing a statewide earthquake that goes on record as easily the biggest earthquake in history. Dwayne Johnson plays Ray Gaines, a helicopter rescue pilot for the Los Angeles Fire Department, who is trying to find his daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario), who is in San Francisco amidst the chaos. Ray's estranged wife, Emma, is forced to turn to Ray for help, as he is her last resort. Together they journey to save their daughter.

User Reviews

Okay, here's the deal. An apocalyptic movie with the (C)ock, like Jean Claude Van Damme, like Chuck Norris before him, like The Expendables and every Jason Statham movie ever made, need to be assessed in context. Is this movie "The Deer Hunter" or "Good Will Hunting?" No, it is not. But does it deliver? Yes, it f----ng does. It's fun, it's grandiose, it's intense and it's over the top. But isn't that what we know going in? This is what makes it enjoyable. Not having our expectations high as a kite, we can really just go out and have fun with this one. All the uptight, White reviewers like Richard Roeper be da--ed. By the way, I pretty much enjoyed Battle Las Angeles, Godzilla, War of the Worlds, Outbreak and Independence Day. If you liked these too, you will like this one. Always confront the cynical haters who hate us for having fun, feeling good, expressing our passion, our sexuality and our vision. They are the conservatives of the world.


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